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MRTG is a program which shows bandwidth "graphs", for you and your customers, so you know where your bandwidth goes. Many ISP's browse the MRTG graphs in order to see:

  • customer's bandwidth usage (sometimes as a 95th percentile) in order to invoice customers.
  • which customers are using more bandwidth that they should, customers which we call "Offenders".

The ISP Innovations "MRTG Assistant" makes all MRTG configuration setting up, modifying, and viewing a breeze.

Before ISP Innovations
  • The user's bandwidth (95th percentile or otherwise) is *not* collected into one nice report, and one must view every graph and write it down, in order to invoice & bill customers.
  • New routers are time-consuming to add to the MRTG system, requiring many steps, some which have to be repeated multiple times
  • You have to view hundreds of graphs to spot "Offenders"
  • The "Offenders" graphs are not saved, and after a few hours, the offending bandwidth has scrolled off of the daily graph...
  • MRTG only shows "Bandwidth Offenders", and not Customers who use too many IP #'s or too many Mac #'s
  • MRTG typically puts hundreds of graphs on one page, which takes a long time to load into browser, and is hard to navigate
  • MRTG does not provide all of the available information
  • MRTG sometimes makes it hard to see "trends", because it takes too long to look at hundreds of "pictures"
  • When the the router configuration changes, MRTG configuration has to be re-run to "update for router changes". Most ISPs either
    • Do not re-run configuration, and new interfaces are not represented
    • Redo configuration by hand after router is updated, requiring extra time and effort
    • Re-run configuration on a regular basis every day, or several times per day, which can, if problems occur, invalidate all MRTG past, present, and future for that router
  • When (or if) MRTG configuration is regenerated after router is changed, it does not show the user, or report the "changes detected" to the Administrator. If the configuration becomes invalid, it could take days or weeks before someone notices the data is invalid or even missing.
  • Graphs could become invalidated after router reboot.
  • Graphs will become invalidated if you rename your router.
  • 95th percentile support is not included with MRTG, and if desired, is a separate configuration step, (complete with possibilities of typographical or improper configuration errors).
  • Creating Customer Invoices from MRTG graphs can be very time consuming and difficult.
  • If many routers are running MRTG, it is frequently difficult to see "the big picture", i.e how many configurations are there, and how exactly are they configured.
  • If you want separate interfaces on one router to have MRTG runs of different frequencies (i.e. every 5 minutes for serial interfaces, but every 10 minutes for other interfaces), this is not one of the MRTG options.

After ISP Innovations
  • The user's bandwidth (95th percentile or otherwise) is collected into one nice report, or separate customer invoices.
  • New routers are added to the MRTG system, and configured in seconds by the ISP Innovations "MRTG Assistant"
  • You get daily emails with a summary of "Offenders", and warning emails when bandwidth exceeds "danger" levels
  • The "Offenders" daily graphs are "frozen" (copied) for future viewing
  • There are 3 types of Offender: a) bandwidth "Offenders", b) IP # Offenders, and c) Mac # Offenders
  • Our system has a "Table of Contents" (indexed by "Customer Name", "Interface #, or Interface Description).
  • Our system provides additional SNMP information which MRTG does not provide, like IP #'s used by interface, Mac #'s used by interface, and more...
  • Our system provides Reports & Summaries of the Graphs, because sometimes a few words are better than 700 pictures. This makes it easy to spot "trends".
  • Our MRTG monitor detects when the router changes, and immediately re-runs the configuration maker.
  • When MRTG config is regenerated (after a router change is detected), and "changes detected" are emailed to Administrator.
  • Graphs do not become invalidated after router reboot.
  • There is a "rename router" sub-system which allows you to rename router, and all log files and html pages are updated.
  • 95th percentile support is included, no extra configuration is required, it is set up transparently to user, and it is tested in real-time.
  • Creating Customer Invoices requires no work at all, as the "MRTG Assistant" can make Invoices directly from MRTG logs, to your pre-configured specifications.
  • The MRTG "Assistant" allows you to see exactly what is happening with your full MRTG system.
  • We support "separate MRTG interface intervals" which allows finer granularity control for specified interfaces

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