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OpenSRS allows ISP's to "Register their customers Domain Names" in seconds.

This is valuable because:

  • It is good to provide as many services as one can.
  • It is not wise to refer your customer elsewhere.
  • The ISP can make a profit for each domain name registered.
  • The customer's web site can be up and running much faster if the ISP is the Registrar.
  • Since the Registration is "Branded with the ISP's name", many people will see the ISP's name and this is good (free) advertising.

However, setting up OpenSRS is extremely complicated, and may take days, even weeks for those who are not familiar with what it takes, to install & configure it. Even for experienced System Administrators, a "Successful Installation" might prove to be an extremely problematic and hard to reach goal.

Additionally, OpenSRS provides no facility for "On-Line Payments", so the usefulness is limited.

ISP Innovations has extensive experience with OpenSRS, and can provide you with the system you need, designed to your specifications, with a fully integrated and automated on-line Credit Card Payment Systems (using a variety of Payment Gateways including & Card Service).

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