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DNS is the "Domain Name System", which translates Domain Names into IP numbers (IP numbers are the actual "addresses" for computers on the Internet), and IP numbers into Domain Names.

All services offered by ISP's depend on DNS working perfectly.

Before ISP Innovations
  • DNS changes are made by people typing into text files, with no "history" of what changed, or was added
  • These changes must be made by a "qualified technician", otherwise, if a mistake is made (e.g., a semicolon in the wrong place), then DNS for the whole ISP could stop working, causing *all* services to grind to a halt.
  • Even with qualified technicians, typos are possible, which can cause serious problems
  • The person doing the configuration is not necessarily aware of failures in new configuration
  • The new functionality has to be either verified a with second (time-consuming) step, or is not verified
  • Some functionalities may not be being used, due to inexperienced users
  • DNS configurations are rarely "archived"
  • DNS changes do not cause notifications to Administrator
  • DNS configuration is time-consuming

After ISP Innovations
  • DNS changes are made by a program, with 0% failure rate, and "history" of what changed
    • The program knows what to do because a user used a Shell Menu program or a Web Gui to answer questions about DNS additions, changes, or deletions. There are no possibilities of errors, and work is done quickly and easily.
  • Anyone can make DNS changes
  • Typos are not possible
  • The system "checks for errors" as the DNS is being created, and makes any problems obvious to user, if they arise
  • The new functionality is automatically verified by the system
  • All DNS functionalities are made available by System
  • Each new DNS configuration is archived, (before and after) with date of change, and who did it.
  • Each change to DNS configuration causes changes to be emailed to Administrator
  • DNS configuration takes seconds

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