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Web Statistics allow the customer to see how many "hits" their web site received, usually in a graphical fashion with charts, reports, and displays.

Web Statistics also shows the customer what pages were the most popular, where their customers came from, and more statistics, including what type of web browser was used by the people who visited their Web Site, which is useful information for Web Site designers.

Web Site Statistics is yet another "step" in the configuration of a Web Site, which typically requires somebody to configure a "Text File" with all the inherent problems listed below.

Before ISP Innovations
  • Web Statistics are usually configured by people typing into text files
  • These changes must be made by a "qualified technician", otherwise, if a mistake is made, the Statistics will not work, and possibly Statistics for all users on that computer might come to a halt.
  • Even with qualified technicians, typos are possible, which can cause more problems
  • The person doing the configuration is not necessarily aware of failures in new configuration
  • The new functionality has to be either verified a with second (time-consuming) step, or is not verified
  • Some functionalities may not be being used, due to inexperienced users
  • Web Statistics configurations are rarely "archived"
  • Web Statistics configuration can be time-consuming

After ISP Innovations
  • Web Statistics configurations are made by a program, with 0% failure rate. Also, since this program is run by the "Add-Website" program, Web Statistics becomes a "completely transparent step" in the user setup.
  • Anyone can configure Web Statistics.
  • Typos are not possible
  • The system "checks for errors", and makes them obvious to user if they exist
  • The new functionality is automatically verified by the system
  • All functionalities are made available by System
  • Each new Web Statistics configuration is archived, (before and after) with date of change, and who did it.
  • Web Statistics configuration takes no time at all.

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