About Us

Increase Profit with Existing Services

In today's very competitive "ISP market", ISP's need all the advantages that are available!  

ISP Innovations offers services & products which can directly increase profit in 5 distinct ways:

  1. Add Users Faster!   Allow the ISP's staff to much more quickly create & manage the services required by the ISP customers.   What used to take hours will now take seconds.   Time is money.

  2. Anyone can add users!   Make it so that almost anybody, irregardless of computer expertise, can fully manage these user services.   Computer programmers are therefore not required to "configure users".   Not having over-qualified workers saves real money.

  3. No More Errors!   Make these functions literally free from errors, both in creation, and in use.  
    • Errors (and service outages) may cause lost customers.
    • Error-free systems will cause happy customers, who will tell their friends (new customers).
    More customers means more money.

  4. No More Mysteries!   Our systems allow any Staff person to implement the "full capabilities" of each service, (usually extremely complex). Not offering the "full range" from each service can cost customers.   More customers means more money.

  5. Online Customer Support!   Offer on-line Control Panels and Help Systems   Happy Customers remain customers longer.

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