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Fast, Transparent, Automated Backup Systems

ISP Innovation's backup systems are able to only copy the data that "changed" since the last backup, (preserving file ownerships and file permissions, with symbolic and hard links being retained), so gigabytes can be backed up in minutes.

While some Tape Backups offer this "only copy what changed feature", they do this via "incremental backup" which creates many archives of one data source, so when you need to recover your data, it isn't "in one place, ready to go", it must be "assembled" from as many as 8 archives into one archive.

We find that in production, re-assembling takes too much time, or if only one file is needed, finding which "sub-archive" contains the latest version is difficult, and therefore the system we offer is preferable, a "ready to use" exact duplicate of the original data source.

Intelligent Backup Systems
We also have "version" based backup systems, which keep all versions of particular files.

Why would you need this? Suppose a file is altered, and a mistake is introduced. A backup that is not 'intelligent' enough to preserve versions will over-write the last "good" file with the "bad" file.

Our 'intelligent' backup system allows you to 'revert to old versions', which is much better!

Even the "RAID" systems of dual Disk Drives do not offer this (sometimes critically important) feature.

So with our backup systems, your data is "mirrored", and optionally, old versions 'archived'.

And since no human being is involved, there will never be the case of "forgetting to backup".

This takes the worry out of disk failure, if it happens, (and it frequently does happen), you, and your customers, are not in the least bit concerned.

A nice feeling.


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